​​  Laura The Brow Queen

Over-plucked brows  - Thanks to Laura's Wonder Brow kit - eyebrow makeup with waterproof eyebrow pencil

Simply Beautiful!

Brow Shaping By The Dozen

After a long struggle to regrow her brows' hairs, she used Nouvelle Beauté Lash and Brow conditioner, which is lash growth serum and brow growth serum.  The Lash and brow treatment improved the appearance of natural brows, fullness and thickness.
Laura most certainly lives up to her name. I gave her a try after coming across her online site , and while I admit that I was quite nervous due to a personal tweezing mishap from years ago, Laura immediately put me at ease with her friendly, nurturing personality. I felt like she truly cared about my wishes and needs as her client, and I was amazed by the results. The growing-out process was worth the wait--Laura transformed my sparse, over-tweezed brows, and I frequently receive compliments on them.
Carrie K.

Thinning Eyebrows Is A Crime, I will Not Commit!!

Laura is true professional when it comes to brow shaping. She continues to keep my daughter's eyebrows looking beautiful. Laura truly has a talent when it comes to eyebrow shaping. She is the BEST person in big D to do your eyebrows. She always does a great job the first time and will always make sure my daughter is always satisfied prior to us leaving her office. One of the salon personnel recommended Laura and my daughter has been going to her ever since.

Rose R.

I have always had a difficult time finding someone who knows how to shape my brows. I have very dark, thick eyebrows that stand out and what Laura did with them was amazing. When Laura shapes your brows you really get to see their full potential and I always get comments on how nice they look. Kayla S.

After eyebrow shaping by Laura the Brow Queen - Using  Nouvelle Beauté waterproof eyebrow pencil

Before eyebrow shaping and after shaping, using Nouvelle beaute eyebrow primer, Nouvelle Beaute eyebrow pencil.  Shaping her eyebrows correctly and using perfect eyebrow products made her look a few years younger!!  Looks So natural, no one can tell she has make up on.
     Perfect eyebrows change your face entirely!!

Eyebrow Shaping/Design Before & After Photos

Years ago, I started going to Laura for eyebrow shaping, later adding facials and skincare that got my complexion into great condition. A couple of years ago, I finally tried her eyelash perm and found out that I loved them; now I get them twice a year. Most recently, I tried out leg and bikini waxing, which I was nervous about, but Laura put me at ease and I was very happy with the results.  Next I plan to try out electrolysis, because I know Laura's expertise is entirely reliable.  I would absolutely recommend her work to anyone looking for reasonably priced, skillful, professional beauty treatments.

Joyce H.

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Left Photo - Over waxed and tweezed - shaped incorrectly by threading, nail salons and other major eyebrow spas

Right Photo - After brow shaping, tinting, or Nouvelle Beauté eyebrow makeup by Laura

Laura is truly a miracle worker! I found Laura when I came across her website in February 2012. I had 5 months until my wedding day and was not pleased with the appearance of my eyebrows. I had gotten them waxed at a nail salon for many years and then started going to get them threaded. Getting them threaded took the people about 5 minutes for each client and was run like a factory.  Needless to say, my eyebrows became gradually more and more thin every time I would go in.

When I first met Laura she put me at ease with my eyebrow condition.  She was very upfront and told me we did not have a lot of time before my big wedding day to grow and shape them as I had lost about 1/3 of my eyebrows from getting them threaded.  She had me use the Nouvelle Beauté Lash & Brow Conditioner two times through. She also gave me an eyebrow pencil to use to fill in the spaces where hair had not grown in yet. The brow pencil immediately made me realize how much hair I had lost and how much I needed to grow back. She was so positive that she could help me and so confident. She told me not to touch or pluck or any of my hair on my own. I did exactly what she said and within two months I could see an amazing difference.

My eye brows were much thicker and were getting an awesome shape to them. I was so pleased and this transformation was right before my bridal portraits. By July, my wedding month, I had grown back the 1/3 of hair that I had lost and my eyebrows were perfect for my wedding day. I was so pleased. Laura did eyebrow tint and eyebrow shaping - eyebrow wax for me.  Laura cares about all of her clients and takes the time to make sure you look and feel beautiful.  I am blessed to have found Laura. She is truly the best and I am so thankful for her and her God-given talent. i consider Laura the Brow Queen is the Best eyebrow shaper in Dallas.