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Laura the eyelash pro, in Dallas TX uses a semi-permanent method of enhancing your own natural eyelashes and your face giving an "open eyed" look.  There are three different methods to create a flattering curve to the eyelashes. Laura the eyelash expert will choose a certain method based on how long and coarse the lashes are.  A gentle perming agent or solution, neutralizer, and collagen conditioner are applied in a gel form to the lashes.

Eyelash Perm Questions and Answers

Q.  Can I wear mascara or eye make up prior to my appointment?
A.   No.  Remove the eye make up with non-oily cleanser or eye make up remover, ensuring lids and lashes are thoroughly cleansed and dry, otherwise rods will not adhere to the lids.

Q.  Can I wear my contact lenses in my appointment?
A.  Yes!

Q.  Can I wear mascara after the perm?
A.   Yes of course!  I do not recommend water-proof  mascara and the use of mascara remover, they tend to weaken the perm.

Q.   What should I use for cleaning my face after the lash perm?
A.   Use mild cleansers only.  The daily use of (some not all) AHA's products tend to weaken the perm. I recommend  Nouvelle Beaute Arnica wash, is the best face cleanser.
Q.  How long will the eyelash perm appointment take?
A.   About 20-30 minutes depends on how long and coarse the eyelashes are.

Q. Can I get an eyelash tint after the eyelash perm in the same appointment?
A. Yes!  Immediately after!  So make a plan to stay around 30-45 minutes for this appointment.

Q.  How long will the curl last?
A.  The eyelash perm last will last from 2-4 months.

Q.  How often can I repeat the eyelash perming?
A.  The eyelash curls will begin to drop gradually (one by one) after about two months. The entire lashes will take about another 2 months to return to their natural look. You can repeat the  procedure after 2-3 months and not have to wait until the entire lashes return to their natural look.

Q.  Can I use my eyelash curler?
A.  No! You don't needed.  Eyelash curler breaks off the lashes, so I don't recommend it.

Q.  Will I lose any of my lashes because of the perm?
A.  No.  However, it is perfectly normal to lose one or two eyelashes daily.  It happens to all of us!  New eyelashes will grow in place of old ones.  Actually, using the eyelash curler daily will cause the eyelashes to fall.

Q.  Does the eyelash perm hurt?
A.  No.

Q.  How will my lashes look after the perm?
A.   Lashes appear longer and fuller.

Q.  Will I have skin irritation or reaction?
A.   Very few people had some skin reactions, puffiness reaction or burning on their eyelids the next day.  Cold compresses for few minutes will do the trick !  

Q.  Can I wash my face after I get eyelash perm?
A.  Yes!  Unless I inform you other wise.

I was referred to Laura several years ago and have been a loyal customer ever since my first visit! First and foremost, Laura is the consummate professional. Her passion to provide excellent results and customer service are what set her apart from the rest. I have always struggled with eyelashes that curved downward, I tried everything, with no luck until Laura suggested I try her eyelash perm. The results are PHENOMENAL. My eyes look bigger and brighter after her eyelash perms. They last approximately 6-8 weeks too! No eyelash curlers needed. Just dab on a little mascara and you are ready to hit the town!
Thanks Laura :-)

Enjoy your summer in Dallas, TX like never before with maintenance free eyelash perm/perming from Laura The Eyelash Expert.

*  No need for an eyelash curler, lashes stay curled for up-to 4 months
*  Eliminates make-up problems such as allergic reactions to make-up
*  No smears, no smudges, no running, always perfect
*  Lashes appears longer and fuller when curled and tinted

Eyelash extensions aftercare instructions

Introducing The Best Lash and Brow Growth Treatment / Conditioner
To grow brow & lash hairs to look fuller, thicker, longer & healthier. 

* Do not expose eyelash extensions to water for 24-48 hours after the application.  So shower before you come. If washing the face, use care and avoid splashing water or cleanser in the eye area.  Do not swim, shower, use hot tubs, or steam rooms, for the first 24-48 hours or at all while lash extension on.  Laura recommends using goggles when you shower specially the first 48 hours if you have to shower and wash your hair.  Wearing the goggles does not give you the green light to put your head under the shower head, this is just for preventing water splash.

* Avoid contact between moisturizers, eye cream, or makeup removers and the Lash extensions.  Any cosmetic product or cleanser containing glycolic, organic solvents, or urea should be avoided.  Products such as these can potentially break down the adhesive bond and shorten the duration of time the extensions stay on.  Products with high concentrations of alcohol should also be avoided.  Nouvelle Beaute Arnica facial wash is best for washing the face while eyelash extensions on.
*  Use only water-soluble mascara on your eyelash extensions.  Waterproof mascara should not be used.  Note that repeated use of mascara may shorten the lifespan of the extensions.
*  Curling of the extensions is not recommended.  Because the extensions come precurled, additional curling is not necessary and doing so may shorten the lifespan of the extensions by compromising the adhesive bond.
*  Avoid rubbing your eyes,  pulling on your extensions, or sleeping face down.  Any action which repeatedly puts stress or strain on your eyelash extensions will cause them to come off prematurely.
*  Eyelashes are normally shed on a regular basis, thus multiple extensions may be lost on any given day.
*  Touch-ups every 2-4 weeks.

Laura the brow expert recommends at least 45-60 lashes per eye to start with for the best result.       

Eyelash Extensions Questions and Answers

Q.  Can I get eyelash extensions if my eyelashes are permed or vQ.  How long is my initial lash extensions appointment?
A.   About 1 hour if you get 30-35 lashes in each eye, around 2 hours 50-65, around 3 hours 70-85.

Q.  How long do the lash extensions last?
A.  The eyelash extensions application (one application) will last between 5-8 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural lashes.  When we lose natural lashes, we lose the lash extensions with them.  Other factors  such as swimming for long period of time, exercising, pulling the lashes, rubbing your eyes, sleeping, etc, and general care of the lash extensions.

Q.  Can I get eyelash extensions if my eyelashes are tinted?
 A.  YES.   As long as  your eyelashes are clean and dry before having the synthetic lashes applied. Do not tint, dye, perm, or curl your lashes after you have lash extensions applied.

Q.  Are lash extensions safe?  Will my eyes be irritated?
A.   Yes.  The bonding agent is a potential eye and skin irritant, so eyes are closed, covered, and protected throughout the procedure. If your eyes watery or become pink from the glue fumes, that will go away within just 1-2 hours even less. It is therefore possible to have lash extensions if you wear contact lenses.

Q.  Can I wear mascara on lash extensions?
A.   Not recommended!  But if you choose to wear mascara, DO NOT  use waterproof mascara and only apply the mascara at the tip of the eyelash extensions. Generally
      water-proof mascara, mascara remover, and some cleansers can disturb and weaken the adhesive.  
Q.  How do I care for my lash extensions?
 A.  Lashes need minimal care. It is necessary to avoid oils and oily eye makeup remover as they will loosen the adhesive bond of your lash extensions. Rubbing, scratching, and pulling will shorten the life of your extensions. 

Q.  How often should I come to have replacement for the lost lash extensions? How  long will my appointment be?
A.  As often as you need it.  Your first set will last about 6-8 weeks if properly maintained. You come every 2-4 weeks after your initial set for replacements and your appointment will be around 30-60 minutes.

Q.  What can eyelash extensions do for me if my eyelid has bald spots?
A.  Because the proper application of lash extensions involve placing a single lash  extension to a single natural eyelash without touching the skin, I can not apply  extensions where there is no eyelash. But we can combine certain methods together and we usually very successful at hiding the bald spots.
Q.  Can I wash my face right after my eyelash extensions?
A.  No!  I recommend to wait 24-48 hours in order for the glue to dry.

Q.  How much does it cost to get eyelash extensions?
A. The cost varies. It depends on how full, thick, and long you want them.  They can be between $170-350. It depends on how you like them.

Q,  It is time for the remaining lashes to come off, can I take them off myself?
A.  I do not recommend for you to take them off yourself unless you know what you supposed to do or you are going to pull your natural lashes with eyelash extensions. NOT A GOOD THING!

 Lash & brow Growth Treatment / Conditioner Questions & Answers

Q.  How long does it take to see an improvement for lashes & brows?
A.  Everyone's brows and lashes will react differently, but ideally, lashes and brows begin to
     thicken and look fuller within the first 4-6 weeks.

Q.  Do I have to repeat the Lash and Brow treatment for the hairs to come back
      again and again?
A.  No!  When the dormant hair follicles become active again, there is no need to repeat the
      Lash and Brow Conditioner treatment.  The hair follicles will start their growth cycle

Q.  I have permanent make-up on my brows and they have become very thin. Will
     lash and brow conditioner help regrow my brow hair?
A.  Having experienced this situation, lash and brow conditioner will help but in some
     cases, if the permanent makeup needle destroyed some hair follicles, lash and brow
     treatment will not work.

Q.  Is lash and brow conditioner safe?
A.  Yes!  If it is not safe, I would not offer it.

Q.  Is lash and brow conditioner safe for pregnant or nursing women?
A.  Yes!  However, I do recommend asking your doctor prior to use if you are pregnant or

Q.  Do I have to keep using and repeating the treatment?
A.  The conditioner will last over 2 months, so some clients repeat the treatment once.  
      However, in some difficult cases, the treatment should be repeated twice.
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Eyelash Perming / Curling - Extensions -  Q & A

Laura not only takes care of brows - she is the best LASH GENIUS ever!  Laura has been caring for my lashes for many years and I would not go more than 3-5 months without a visit to my favorite expert! Laura takes the time to get to know you, your needs, your eyes, and what works for you.  She will take care of you and I promise, one visit and you will not go another summer without a lash perm from Laura!! Thank you for all you do!
Amy K.

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